Friday, August 6, 2010

life isn't all Charlie and Lola...

Yeehaw!  Charlie and Lola is back on CBB’s!  I know, I know;  its probably been back for a while, but the sneaky buggers changed the slot and I’ve only just recently twigged.  Charlie and Lola is one of the only reasons I agreed to getting DSTV.  That, and also that I have some semblance of a life when there’s peace and mind-numbing quiet coming from the TV room.  Restricted TV hours?  Pah!  That’s for people who have au pairs!  But getting back to Charlie and Lola, I was watching it last night (no seriously, 2D animation is the new 3D animation) and it got me thinking.  Why isn’t real life more like Charlie and Lola?
The main thing is, it’s only runs for 10 minutes 3 or 4 times over a 24 hour period.  Very bearable.  I just know I would get Mom-of-the-Year instead of Mom-the-Uber-Bitch if I only saw my kids for 10 minutes 3 times a day.  I’d actually and honestly have a real chance to really miss them.
Another thing; you never, ever see their parents.  This is a good sign, because they play, chat and interact very well without them.  They don’t invade their parent’s toilet privacy; in fact they hardly seem to need the loo themselves (super-plus).   When they do mention their parents, they are mostly, actually and really obeying them. You never see them back-chatting or ribbing their old lady, in fact, I have a suspicion she may be permanently out to lunch.
They live in a not so big flat and manage quite fine thank you. Their furnishings are Spartan (though the funky wallpaper makes up for it) and as far as I can see there’s hardly ever toys decorating the floor. Well, sometimes Lola’s room is a tip but it’s fine; that episode is about playing tidy-up. (Playing tidy up, now there’s an oxymoron if ever there was!!) Their white couch actually stays white! There’s no fighting about what they’re going to watch on telly, the only program they really want to watch is Bat Cat. And BTW, why don’t we get Bat Cat?  
They actually play in their bedrooms.  Their actual very own bedrooms!  Such a novel concept.  There’s no toy encroachment and it seems their clothes manage to stay in the spot allocated to them. Close to miraculous, I’d say.
They have nice little friends who are entertaining and funny.  Marv has a voice like a rusty, old French film star and Lotta sounds like she has sinus all the time but doesn’t sniff or have snot candles (another miracle).  Marv’s dog, Sizzles (who wouldn’t want a pet called Sizzles?) is very obedient, doesn’t bite and has never done a pooh.  EVER.  My best is Soren Lorenson, Lola’s other best friend who is actually and really imaginary.  What could be better than that?  A play date that doesn’t eat doesn’t leave a mess and needs no supervision near the swimming pool.
They’re seldom taken on outings and never nag to go to MacDonalds.  (I don’t think MacDonalds actually exists in their world.) When they do go on outings with their parents, it’s to the library, grocery store or the zoo (zoo outings are very rare though, I think they’ve only been once). They don’t fight in the middle of the store, or the library.  They generally don’t fight at all and there are no signs of violence e.g. scratches or bite marks.  They are actually and really quite quiet in the library too.   Incredible!  They’re also able to take themselves on outings, un-chaperoned.  They go to the park, ice-skating, bike riding and to Mr.Patels on the corner all by themselves.  Can you imagine. 
Lastly, they thrive, regardless of the fact that they have no culinary restrictions.  Pink milk?  You got it! Bangers and mash?  Staple diet. Ice-cream at granny’s? All day if you like.  If only...

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