Thursday, July 12, 2012

moved and slightly touched...

A couple of weeks ago my friend Yoda sent me a link to say thank you for the thank you gift I bought her.  Of course, her real name isn’t Yoda but she IS the Jedi-Master-of-General-Knowledge-and-Networking. I shit you not, she’s living proof of the Six Degrees of Separation. I’m beginning to think that she might actually BE Johnny Depp but without all the Tim Burtonesque make-up.

Anyhow, back to the link. I get sent lots of links all the time. Some things make me laugh, some things creep me out and some things move me. The one she sent touched me so deeply that, for a while, I kept a journal.

Day 1
I received Yoda’s email this morning but missed the link she was forwarding because it was hidden at the bottom of the page. I only opened it later on. I wish I’d opened it earlier. My day might have gone a whole lot different. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Day 2
I didn’t finish watching the clip entirely yesterday because I was in the middle of cooking dinner and it took ages to buffer (darn you, poor bandwidth). I thought it better to re-watch again today. Properly. All in one go. The message is so sweet and innocent. I love the cinematography. The whole ‘hand-held camera’ effect is really authentic. Musically speaking, I think they made the right choice. I know I feel uplifted by the melody.

Day 3
Woke up extra early to get online before anyone else does so that the bandwidth doesn’t jam.  I think I missed something in the clip yesterday and it would be careless of me not to double-check it. The part I had to specifically re-watch is at 20seconds. I’m sure they’ve used special effects of some kind. Professionally speaking, it would be negligent if I didn’t research the entire campaign concept. After all, it IS a real campaign. Wow, such a refreshing way to re-enforce brand identity. I showed it to Soapsud, my 19year old niece. She was so touched that she insisted that I watch it two more times with her.

Day 4
I shared the link on Facebook today.  Everyone who watched it was SO moved that they couldn’t even comment.  Quite a few people phoned me during the day to discuss it though. On further investigation I see that it was shot in three different locations; New York, Paris and London. I went back four times to see if the same people were cast in all three locations. I think that each city has it’s own cast. The view of Notre Dame at 45seconds is spectacular.

Day 5
Today I read on Twitter about the concept that all the people on YouTube videos can see you just as much as you can see them. Of course, I know that’s a load of bollocks but just incase, I applied some makeup and did my hair before watching “the clip”. I’ve just noticed the person right on the left at 1min30 and can’t help wonder how he got like that? And where are they standing? I love hydrangeas all the more right now. Are they even hydrangeas? I’ve had to limit myself to only five views per day because all this watching is seriously starting to take a big chunk out of my life.

Day 6
I’ve spent an unreasonable time at my computer today watching “Le Clip”. Best kisser keeps popping in to see if it’s actually work that I’m doing.  I told him I’m busy with research. Where IS that fountain at 2min11 and is that trick photography at 1min 44?  I went outdoors briefly to restock with milk and bread. Someone had to shake me back to life in the supermarket queue because I was staring off into the middle distance and humming the theme tune to the video. Total submersion in a project, that’s what I call it.

Day 7
I haven’t eaten in two days. My makeup is still on from day 5 and I haven’t bathed either. I can’t move. I’ve become obsessed with this clip. A cast member in London holds up a sign at 1min58 that says ‘Calm Down and Call Me Maybe’ but of course, it’s impossible to calm down.  And, as someone quite rightly pointed out, I can’t call either because they DIDN’T LEAVE ANY NUMBERS.

Day 8
I no longer bother going on to Twitter. It simply takes too much time away from ‘La charmante vidéo’. I don’t need Facebook anymore either. This video has changed my life and will be the compass by which I steer my ship.

Day 9
OK, I have no fucking idea exactly what they’re selling but I don’t give I tinkers fart.  I just want to watch and watch and be left alone to watch.

Day 14
I’m a wreck. I’ve had to delete my browsing history and pull myself together. My kids can’t keep living on dry two minute noodles and I can no longer fool Best-kisser that ‘this is work’.

Being of such pivotal importance, I was sure that you’d want me to share the clip, so here goes… (copy and paste the link)