You know those blogs that are brimming with great advice on child rearing, with super suggestions for fun activities? Well, this isn’t one of them.  

Truth is, it did start off as a blog about family life with kids, but it turns out that family life with kids isn't as entertaining as you'd think.  Who knew? Anyway, now it's officially a humour blog that some people find hilarious and some people don't find funny at all. There's also a fabric blog because fabric is my therapy.

Important notes!

Take whatever you read here with a large pinch of salt (tequila and squeeze of lemon optional) and whatever you do, DON’T take any advice from me.  In all likelihood, it’s not even my advice anyway.  I probably stole it from someone else.  
Red Alert!
I’m a straight-talkin’ kind of gal, so bear in mind that I may not always be PC. My writing may, at times, need a PG rating (sailor-style swearing imminent).  Consider yourself warned.

If any images I've used are uncredited - do tell me.  My image library is about as organised as my spice cupboard.

Bloggers Bio:

Li Protheroe (that’s me) was raised in “Hickville Howick” - the kind of town who has a catering club that serves either curry (this is KZN remember) or Chicken a la King (very fancy French Cuisine) for Weddings, 21st’s and Matric Dances. I had to develop a sense of humour early on.

*  I’ve most dishy husband, a.k.a Best Kisser (BK) and 2 sons, Too Fast Too Furious and Mr. Chilled (who used to be Mr Professor Pants or Mr PP but now he's too old to be called something that uncool).

*  I’ve lived in CT since 1999 and truly consider myself a local now that I don’t bother to reply to anyone’s emails or texts on the same day that I receive them.

*  I definitely can’t wear skinny jeans (there's a clue in the word "skinny").

*  Pet loves:  my kids, Best Kisser, our dogs, fabric fabric and more fabric, my bicycle, the gym, music, iPod, Mac, books, movies, extra-strength ibuprofen, weekend (OK, bi-weekly) tipple (not necessarily in that order).