Saturday, March 26, 2011


Have you ever unwittingly stumbled upon something that you didn’t want to know and then you can’t un-know it?  Well then, this one’s for you.

In my search for an image that I could suitably match up with my “Helpful Guide to Understanding SA Driving Mentality”, I Googled the word “blindfolded”.  Of course, I should have pre-empted the possibility that weird stuff was going to pop up, given that the word “blindfolded” is either generally associated with some kind of skanky business, or torture. I would have to say that neither are themes that I’m particularly fond of. (Ok, so I have played pin–the-tail-on-the-donkey but it was only that one time.)

After recovering from a brief but severe bout of post-traumatic stress disorder, I decided the wise thing to do would be to narrow down my search words to something more specific, namely “driving blindfolded”.  Phew.  Safe ground here, as some considerate soul had already anticipated such a search and had helpfully uploaded loads of stock images of all kinds of people driving blindfolded.

However, as I am scanning through the first page of thumbnails, I (unwittingly, strike two) spy an unusual looking thumbnail near the bottom of the page.  It seems to be two people in a little cart. In a woodland. Being pulled by a grown man who is wearing a harness and not much else (unless you count his bikini type thingy as clothing but I should point out that it was a very small bikini type thingy.)

Obviously, (unwittingly, strike three) I had to click on the image because that’s what you do when you feel a combination of curiosity and disbelief.  In truth, thought it might be some sort of tomfoolery.  You know, like those idiotic races and competitions they hold, like the Redneck Olympics*, or the Gloucestershire Cheese Rolling Race. *

It wasn’t.  What I discovered is a site that is dedicated to one of the lesser-known (thank goodness) activities that’s called “Pony Play”. I have to point out that this is not a site dedicated to people who love horses.  No no, this is a site about fully-grown adults who dress up as, and get treated as, horses.  Voluntarily. I’m unashamed to say that I have lived my whole 33(ish) years without knowing that such a thing even exists.  Do these people really walk amongst us?

What’s more, I’d have to say that after reading all (well, most) of the copy on the site, I still have abso-bloody-lutely no idea why anyone would want to partake of such a thing. (I might add that there are lots of “Lord This” and “Lady That’s” involved – which only make it more curious. I mean are mostly blue-blooded folk into this sport?)

So honestly, if anyone out there can explain this compulsion to me I’d be grateful. Because I think I’ve been put off pony’s for life. And carts. And maybe even woodlands.                   

* These are real events!

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